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Shallcross Court, Liverpool

HL Structural Engineers were the structural engineers for this major renovation and redevelopment of sheltered housing which included the provision of new communal facilities for Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH).


The project allowed a number of previously separate blocks to become interconnected with a striking new entrance and dramatic improvements to communal court yard spaces. Works also included the introduction of a new communal space which has significantly  improved the environment for the residents of the site.  


The existing structures were constructed from ‘no-fines’ concrete which made structural alterations challenging. HL Structural Engineers oversaw a range of specialist survey work which minimised the risks early in the project and ensured works progressed smoothly while on site.


 Where new additions were made these were undertaken using timber frame construction to accelerate the construction and consequently minimise disruption to the residents who remained on site during the project.

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