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Lion Salt Works

Lion Salt Works is a leading visitor attraction which was completed in 2015. Nick Holt of HL Structural Engineers was responsible for the structural engineering aspects of the project from RIBA stage C onwards. HL Structural Engineers, working as sub-consultant to Arup, were responsible for the delivery of the project from RIBA stage E onwards.


At the outset of the project the existing buildings on the site were in an extremely poor condition with extensive rot, corrosion and settlements evident. In many areas the deterioration was such that the buildings were in a state of collapse.


The conservation engineering approach adopted meant that much of the existing fabric could be retained with new structural interventions being honest and appropriate to the industrial heritage of the site. Nick worked closely with the team to secure £5m of HLF funding and ensure that the structural design was appropriate for works on a Scheduled Ancient Monument.


The project has been well received by the local community and also was highly commended in the RICS North West 2015 Awards.

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