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Flint Town Hall 

HL were appointed as the structural engineer for the restoration of this Gothic Tudor style building that was originally designed by Mr John Welsh and built in 1840.


Restoration included extensive stone repairs and re-pointing, repair of larger metal windows and improvements to roof lead work.


The building has two impressive stone turrets to the front. These were found to have no existing roof, simply having been filled with loose stone and mortar during the original construction. Water entering the turret (and then freezing) combined with the pressure of the fill on the  turret walls meant that there was significant cracking and movements in the facing stone.


HL developed an innovative proposal to use grouted anchors to stabilize the fill in situ while minimizing damage to the turret stone. Having completed the stabilization works a new timber roof dressed in lead was designed by HL to ensure no further damage due to water entering the turret occurs.

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