Pheobe's Garden Centre, Catford

HL are the appointed structural engineers for this apartment development on the site of the former Phoebe’s Garden Centre in Catford, which will provide  27 units for Housing Association Moat Homes.


The development comprises five blocks which are constructed from load-bearing masonry with precast concrete floors and supported on a piled raft foundation. Further accommodation is provided within the steel framed roofs of each building. 


The design was delivered to BIM Level 3 with HL Structural Engineers developing and sharing an Autodesk Revit Model with the Project Architect. This allowed us to quickly co-ordinate the design and resolve details including steps at enclosed terraces and  the complex roof geometry.


The project benefits from a number of sustainability initiatives including Photo-Voltaics to pitched roofs and green flat roofs.


HL Engineers were also responsible for all RC detailing on the scheme.