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Bury Met Arts Centre

HL Structural Engineers are currently working on a project to alter and restore the Bury Met Arts Centre. The existing building was constructed in the 1850’s and is Grade II listed. The project will provide a new balcony within the existing theatre to increase capacity and revenue streams for the centre.


Other structural alterations include the addition of a new second floor to increase office space for the staff and to accommodate new plant to improve the energy efficiency of the building.


Extensive early survey and intrusive investigation work by HL Structural Engineers has allowed risks on the project to be reduced and a ‘light touch’ with respect to structural alterations to be adopted.


Where interventions are required, such as the construction of a new glazed entrance lobby, these have been designed to be independent of the existing structure as far as possible to ensure that they are reversible.


Much of the project’s capital cost is being funded by the Arts Council and HL Engineer’s have worked closely with The Met to ensure that each stage of the funding process has gone smoothly.

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